Thank You for visiting Slik-Pick Industries . The world leader in Towing and Repossession equipment. We strive everyday to build the best American made products in our industry. We cut no corners and have the best craftsmanship of any manufacturer. We have been in Business since 1974 and was formerly one of the biggest repossession companies in Ohio. if not the USA.

We started off building Slik-Picks for our own use. not for the general public. as we felt that what was offered wasn’t good enough for what our repomen put them through. So after 2-3 years of developing a rock solid unit we installed them on our own truck 17-22 of them at any given time. secure server Well. we grew and we changed and we knew we had something. In 2004 we sold our repo business and were looking for a new venture All we knew was how to tow and repo cars. So then we decided lets start making and selling the repo lifts to the public. We moved forward with our plans and have stayed in the shadows of the Industry until we were ready and could make sure we could properly support our customers.

In 2015 we for the first time started advertising. We don’t believe in hype with a 1000 videos showing no close ups and or telling people about thicknesses of materials. We believe our products speak for themselves and we are proud of that fact. We did do a few Youtube videos but they were informative and we don’t believe in over inflating prices because of huge overhead. 1 we don’t have overhead other then our world class employees and the steel to make the units. We were in your shoes not that long ago and know about the dreaded tax return slow down period when half your workforce is polishing trucks and changing oil. Tough times for the family and your biz. So we keep our prices fair and affordable. We want your business but we most importantly want you to succeed.

Thank You for taking a look and we hope to hear from you .